Tofo Beach, Mozambique – Secret Paradise

Posted on 9th October 2019

Tofo is a coastal town in southeastern Mozambique, known for the curved Tofo Beach and nearby coral reefs. Huge manta rays circle at Manta Reef, a well-known “cleaning station” ,attracting small fish that feed off the rays’ parasites and other debris. Dolphins, whale sharks Read More >>


  • The Okavango Delta – The most severe drought in 90 years?

    Posted on 17th September 2019

    The Okavango Delta is a constantly changing unique wilderness area nestled deep in the middle of the vast Kalahari Desert in northern Botswana. Fed by the Cubango River which rises in the highlands of southern Angola, this precious life giving water system supports the wildlife and communities of remotest Angola, Namibia and Botswana. Fault lines and constant tectonic plate Read More >>


  • Xobega Island Camp

    Posted on 13th September 2018

    Xobega Island Camp in the Okavango Delta of Botswana is what is called a “Wet Camp” or “Water Camp”. Wet Camps are considered more suitable for Okavango Delta connoisseurs than for first time visitors to the Delta – unless that … Read More >>