Quick update on the 2021 Okavango Delta floods

Posted on 16th February 2021

Just a quick update on the current situation of the 2021 Okavango Delta floods:   Up to this point Botswana has had the best rainy season since 2000 – some areas have already received over 1200mm which is basically three … Read More >>


  • Jen discovers Zanzibar

    Posted on 22nd June 2020

    As a first time traveler to Zanzibar and with all the excitement the coming trip created, I was intent of doing as much research as possible as to when, where, how! And to be sure, there is any number of … Read More >>


  • 2020 Okavango Delta Flood is on its way

    Posted on 5th February 2020

    To gain an understanding on the formation of the Okavango Delta and its annual flood patterns it may be helpful to look at the origin and flow of the Okavango River. The source of the Okavango Delta flood actually lies … Read More >>