Kayaktive Safaris

Kayaktive Adventure Safaris is for travelers, who are interested in an active trip, are looking for a different experience and who enjoy nature and wildlife. These trips are for more adventurous people who are prepared to take the risk and have little concern for itineraries, time constraints, personal comfort, and don't mind getting lost out there (temporarily at least).

They also organize a few exploratory trips a year that go into unexplored areas of the Delta, should you be up for it.

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On wilderness kayaks you go paddling through the most pristine and beautiful areas of the Okavango Delta, leaving nothing but footprints behind.

Kayaktive Adventure Safaris is a small and personal company that offers personalized trips (minimum of two nights) around individual requirements as far as time and fitness levels are concerned. Their specialty is a Trans Okavango Safari of 300 or 500km with an average of 50km per day, which can be adjusted to suit your fitness level.

All the Safaris are fully inclusive of kayaks, dome tents, bedding, food and table wine with dinner. We supply a motor boat on the Trans Okavango safaris, which carries all equipment, ice etc.