Mobile Tented Safaris

Mobile Tented Safaris in Botswana

Joining a mobile tented safari is one of the most authentic ways to explore the African bush. This is how the old pioneers used to go on safari, back in the days before there were permanent lodges with flush toilets and wifi conncetions in the bush!! They are perfect for clients with a real sense of adventure and can be especially good value for money during the July - October peak season months when fly in safaris are very expensive. Below is a quick overview of how mobile tented safaris work and the different types that you can do.
How do mobile tented safaris operate?
The concept of a mobile tented safari is very simple - unlike a permanent lodge, with a mobile tented safari the camp is set up just for your group and when you move to a different area the camp is taken down and set up again in that new location. You will transfer to each campsite by vehicle rather then flying between camps. Depending on the budget there may be a full camp staff to do all the cooking and setting up camp for you or you may be expected to help with some of these tasks.
Because of the temporary nature of a mobile tented safari camp, they will not be as luxurious as a permanent lodge but what they do offer is a very 'close to nature' bush experience.
Where do mobile tented safaris operate?
As a general rule mobile tented safaris will only operate in the national parks in Botswana. So your guide will not be able to drive off road to track animals and must be back at camp by sunset. Occasionally though they are able to operate in private reserves where there is more flexibility - here off road driving is possible as are night game drives.
Types of mobile tented safari - Private or Group
A private mobile tented safari offers the most flexibility and a highly exclusive and intimate safari experience. You will have your own guide and vehicle just for your group and usually it will only be your group staying at each campsite. Subject to availability, you can choose exactly which dates you want to go, where you want to go and for how long (although most companies have a minimum of 3 nights). Prices can vary quite a bit. At the budget end you will will be staying in small dome tents with shared bush toilet and shower facilities and you may be expected to help with camp chores. Pay more money and you will get bigger tents with ensuite bush toilets and shower and a camp crew to do all the work for you.
A group mobile tented safari is less exclusive and less flexible but offers fantastic value for money. For clients on more of a budget wanting to do a safari in Botswana especially in peak season this is definitely an option worth looking at. They will depart on fixed dates and will have a fixed itinerary so you need to fit in with this. Group sizes vary and generally the more you pay the smaller the number in the group and the less people there will be per vehicle. Like private mobile tented safaris prices vary quite a lot. At the budget end tents will be smaller and will not have ensuite facilities and you will be expected to help in all or some of the camp chores. With the more upmarket group safaris the tents will be bigger with ensuite bush toilet and shower and there will be a full camp staff to do all the work for you.

Should a mobile tented safari be something you are interested in, then please do consult with us what the options and budgets are and we will be happy to try and find the most suitable tour for you.