Caprivi Strip

Caprivi is one of the thirteen administrative regions of Namibia. The region includes most of the Caprivi Strip (English Caprivi Strip, Caprivi Strip back translation), a corner-shaped bulge of territory in the north-east of the country, which stretches to the Zambezi River and almost to the Victoria Falls. Designated was this part of the former German colony of German Southwest Africa to the German Reich Chancellor, Count Leo von Caprivi.

The Caprivi is the only region of Namibia, which almost exclusively lies in the tropics, and consists almost entirely of flat marshland. Several perennial rivers such as the leading Okavango, Kwando and the Zambezi run through the Caprivi Strip and thus make it especially during the rainy season (between December and March) into a very wet and, therefore, very game-rich region. Large parts of the Caprivi Strip are occupied by protected areas and are therefore increasingly target for tourist activities - a development that has been encouraged with the continued asphalting of the all year usable national road B8.