Selous Game Reserve

Imagine an endless area of wild African bush, populated by huge herds of the wildest and most diverse African animals, where humans are almost completely absent…then you have the unparalleled, massive, wild Africa Game Reserve that is THE SELOUS.

Truly, the Selous Game Reserve is one of our favourite wild areas in Africa. No permanent human habitation, nor permanent structure is permitted here. If you want to experience the East African bush as it was centuries ago, the Selous National Park is the place to go. Experts will tell you that there are parts of The Selous (pronounced Seloo) that have never been traversed by humans! Schools near the North East of the Selous Game Reserve have had to be closed on occasion due to the proximity of wild animals. Make no mistake, from the stunning Rufiji River through to the magical mountains in the North West where Sable antelopes roam, The Selous is "the real deal".

Situated in the South of Tanzania, the Selous Game Reserve offers a few luxury, high end lodges along the mysterious and romantic Rufiji River - lodges that will take your breath away - although budget options are available too. Access to the area is usually from Dar Es Salaam - which is a long way away - so we recommend flying in to The Selous, although the drive is actually quite scenic and interesting if one has a day or two to spare. For the (adventurous) train enthusiast there is even a railway that runs down to near the North West of the Selous Game Reserve - although it is not a luxury experience and has to be carefully arranged.

Apart from lounging in the sun beside the Rufiji River at one of the luxury lodges in the North of the Reserve, there are all sorts of activities, including Tiger fishing, boating, birding, guided walking, game drives, and sleeping out under the stars. We fished on the dazzling sand banks of the Rufiji River after scaring off the crocs. Still a croc took the bait - although we managed to catch fish for our supper too! Our boat was chased by hippos - every day that we boated! On an unseasonal rainy day we visited invigorating natural hot springs up in the hills that range above the Rufiji River. Each day offered something new and exciting, from the game drives packed with unique sightings to the blissful boating up the Rufiji River.

Probably due to the remoteness of the Selous Game Reserve this is not an area that visitors frequent in the same numbers as for instance the Serengeti in the North of Tanzania. Nor is the concentration of wildlife in The Selous as concentrated as it is in the North – although the wildlife in The Selous is exceptional. However, if you've had enough of the madding crowds and want a wild, authentic African Safari experience, the Selous Game Reserve is in our opinion the right place for you.