Understanding Botswana’s Safari Seasons

Posted on 30th April 2024

    Determining the most appropriate safari option can sometimes feel like a daunting task. Apart from many other obvious questions, almost every client wants to know, what time of the year is most suitable for a safari in Botswana. … Read More >>


  • What exactly is a “bucket shower”?

    Posted on 22nd April 2024

      Bucket showers offer a unique and eco-friendly way to bathe under the African sky. For many travellers they are an integral part of an authentic African safari experience. In areas where running water is limited or unavailable, such as … Read More >>


  • Gondwana Tours & Safaris is “Paying it forward” ….

    Posted on 15th January 2024

      As a company operating in Africa, Gondwana Tours & Safaris has for some time been looking to get more involved in, and to support an African charity, thereby “paying it forward” in a very measurable and sustainable way. It … Read More >>