Kayak Safaris

Kayak Safaris in the Okavango Delta

If you are adventurous, reasonably fit and would like to experience the stunning Okavango Delta on the water, exploring the endless tranquil waterways and beautiful lagoons it has to offer – then a kayaking safari could be a wonderful option for you!

Kayaking safaris are offered on an all inclusive basis and range from a 2 day overnighter to the 10 day Trans Okavango safari (approx. 300km). The Trans Okavango Safari is only run in May, June and July each year (water level dependent). Expect to be paddling 20km – 35km per day (15-20 miles) or more if the group is up to it.

You will be lead by experienced guides, paddling through the most pristine and beautiful areas of the Okavango Delta; leaving behind nothing but the whisper of your kayak passing through.

A support motorboat follows the group at a safe distance and provides a ‘pull-out’ safety option for a tired or ill kayaker. The boat also scouts ahead ensuring safe passage for the trip participants. It also carries the equipment and staff who set up the overnight camps. Camp will be set up to welcome kayakers when they arrive, with dome tents, bedrolls, duvets, bedding and bush ablutions. Camp staff will provide a large and healthy breakfast, snacks and drinks for the day, a cold lunch and a large dinner around the campfire with a well earned glass of wine.

Highly recommended are the evening and morning island walks, providing the opportunity to stretch your legs and see some a wildlife on land.

A kayaking safari can make a refreshing addition to a fly-in or self-drive safari, with no bumpy roads, no vehicles or other people – just magnificent surroundings and an up close and personal Delta experience.

Please let us know if a kayaking safari in the Okavango Delta could be something you enjoy on your holiday. Using our years of experience and expertise, we are happy to assist you with the right options for you.