Zanzibar Island

Zanzibar has a colourful history and is comprised of a melting pot of cultures and races which has been created through its fascinating 20 000 year old history. Strong monsoon winds allowed settlers from Arabia, Persia, India and the East Coast of Africa to sail easily over the Indian Ocean and make contact with Zanzibar. The Portuguese were the first Europeans to discover Zanzibar and quickly established the perfect island as a trading station.

Zanzibar’s vibrant history has added to the tourism value of visiting Zanzibar, with a wide variety of activities to enjoy. Step back in time in the famous Stone Town and wander through the local markets while marvelling at the historic architecture and ruins. Zanzibar is as well known for its countless white sand beaches as it is for its history and fragrant spice tours.

Zanzibar undoubtedly is home to some of the most idyllic beach destinations in Africa with miles of pristine palm fringed sandy white beaches surrounding  a coastline of exotic coral reefs. Whether you wish to explore one of the world’s best dive spots, snorkel or simply swim in the warm Indian Ocean you will be welcomed by a variety of colourful sea life and left with memories of a unique experience.

The smaller islands surrounding Zanzibar are not to be missed, no matter how you like to explore the ocean a trip on a traditional Dhow boat should be your main priority. Alternatively you can sit on the sun spoilt beaches watching the local fishermen bring in their fresh daily catch on their Dhow boats floating in the crystal clear waters.

We generally divide Zanzibar Island into four areas, the North, North East, South East and South West. Accommodation on the island ranges from "hippy style" guesthouses in Kendwa in the North, to luxury and exclusive lodges at Matemwe in the North East.

We will happily assist you in making the best choice, whatever your budget. We will also let you know what the best time of year to travel and the standard of accommodation you are seeking thus ensuring you enjoy your holiday and Zanzibar to the fullest.